How Skinuva® Products Work in Conjunction with Each Other

Skinuva Scar and Skinuva Brite Used Together

Our first product in the Skinuva® pipeline, Skinuva® Scar, is a scar cream that utilizes selective synthetic Growth Factors, silicone, and other natural ingredients to improve the appearance of redness and hyperpigmentation in scars, as well as flatten and smooth them. Skinuva® Brite followed, using its combination of Growth Factors and natural ingredients to improve hyperpigmentation such as melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), sunspots, under eye circles, and other dark spots.

While both Skinuva Scar and Skinuva Brite have their own unique uses, there are some instances when it may be beneficial to use both products together. This article highlights certain examples of how the two products can be used in conjunction with each other.

Helping with Long-Term Scar Treatment

Although Skinuva Scar is the go-to product for treating post-surgery (cosmetic and non-cosmetic) or traumatic scars, Skinuva Brite may also contribute to improving the appearance of pigmented scars.

Skinuva Scar should be applied twice a day to your recent scar starting approximately two weeks post-procedure when the incision site/wound has fully healed. It should be used daily for a minimum of 3-6 months to best improve the scar's appearance, but if there is still some residual hyperpigmentation associated with the scar after using Skinuva Scar for this period of time, Skinuva Brite can then be used to further improve the hyperpigmentation.

Using the Products after Laser, Chemical Peels, or Microneedling Treatments

Skinuva Scar and Skinuva Brite may also help in different stages of your laser resurfacing treatment, chemical peel, or microneedling treatment.

Before Treatment: Skinuva Brite is formulated to help improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation such as dark spots and discoloration of the face and body. It can be used prior to your laser, chemical peel or microneedling treatments to help optimize and maintain the even appearance of your skin.

After Treatment: If you have undergone a recent laser, chemical peel or microneedling treatment, Skinuva Scar has been shown to help improve the skin’s recovery process after the treatment.*

Most patients use Skinuva Scar twice daily for two weeks post laser treatment, chemical peel, or microneedling. After this period and once your skin has recovered from the treatment, Skinuva Brite can then be applied indefinitely twice a day to optimize and maintain the evenness of your skin tone and to help improve the appearance of any hyperpigmentation that you may notice.

Improving C-Section Scars and Pregnancy-Related Melasma

Skinuva Scar and Skinuva Brite can be used in conjunction to tackle independent issues commonly experienced post-pregnancy. Women who have recently delivered via C-section and who also have developed pregnancy-related melasma may benefit from using both products simultaneously.

Skinuva Scar can be used to help improve the appearance of the C-section scar and Skinuva Brite can be applied to the face to help minimize the appearance of melasma.

If any of the above examples apply to you or if you are interested in trying Skinuva Scar and Skinuva Brite together, you can now purchase the Skinuva Scar + Skinuva Brite Bundle here
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