Transitioning Your Skincare Routine from Summer to Fall

Transitioning Your Skincare Routine from Summer to Fall

The change in seasons, weather, humidity, and other environmental factors can have an impact on your skin. Not only might your skin become drier as the weather becomes cooler, but it also may be recovering from issues caused by excessive sun exposure during the summer. You may need to introduce new ingredients and skincare products into your daily routine when transitioning from summer to fall.

Adjusting your skincare routine to accommodate the cooler temperatures and potential dryness is necessary to maintain healthy skin and a glowing complexion. In this post, we will discuss skincare steps and ingredients to include in your regimen, as well as products that can help with post-summer skin issues.

Skincare Steps and Ingredients for the Colder Weather

Hydration is crucial for healthy skin during the colder months when the humidity levels are lower. Hydrating products such as a richer moisturizer, serums, and hydrating masks are great to include in your daily or weekly routine. Look out for products that include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, an excellent hydrator that attracts and retains moisture.

During the summer you also may have used a gentler cleanser but switching to a hydrating cleanser will help maintain a balanced moisture barrier. You will want to be careful with exfoliating your skin as well, as over-exfoliation can lead to drier skin and potential skin sensitivity. Using a mild exfoliant a few times a week or as necessary is recommended for smoother skin.

Managing Post-Summer Hyperpigmentation

Some common issues that may arise after spending a lot of time in the sun all summer include sunburns, excessive oil production, and hyperpigmentation. While you will most likely experience less sun exposure and a lower UV index in the fall, it is still important to continue using an SPF daily to avoid sunburns and sun damage to your skin. 

If you're left with hyperpigmentation such as acquired sunspots, melasma, or dark spots from spending a significant time in the sun during the summer, using a topical skin brightening product can help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Skinuva Brite is physician developed and clinically tested skin brightening cream that is safe for long term, daily use and includes ingredients like synthetic Growth Factors, Tranexamic Acid, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and Arbutin. It also acts as a moisturizer, so it is the perfect product to improve your complexion while keeping it moisturized at the same time.