Skinuva Brite: The Advanced Alternative to Hydroquinone for Treating Hyperpigmentation

Skinuva Brite: The Advanced Alternative to Hydroquinone for Treating Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition in which areas of skin on the face or body become darker in color than the normal skin tone. Hyperpigmentation can be very difficult to improve, and topical treatments such as skin brightening creams can help reduce the hyperpigmentation. In addition to topical treatments, procedural treatments such as IPL, laser, chemical peels, or microneedling may also be performed to reduce the appearance of the hyperpigmentation.

While hydroquinone (HQ) has long been the gold standard for improving hyperpigmentation, it is surrounded by controversy given its potential issues with long term use, adverse reaction profile, and cellular toxicity seen in animal studies. It has been banned for consumer use in Europe, Japan, and other parts of the world.  As a result, there has been a consumer demand for a hydroquinone alternative topical product that is safe and effective in improving hyperpigmentation.  

Skinuva® Brite is an advanced, science-backed skin brightening cream that is hydroquinone-free and does not contain any other harsh ingredients such as retinol, parabens, dyes, or other peeling-like agents. Instead, its selective use of synthetic growth factors that specifically help improve hyperpigmentation and formula consisting of other clinically backed ingredients make it one of the most effective products in improving hyperpigmentation. 

The Limitations of Hydroquinone

One of the biggest downsides of using HQ for hyperpigmentation is that it can cause adverse skin reactions. Some negative side effects include burning, stinging, or other mild skin irritation and sensitization, dermatitis, dryness, and redness, While HQ has been proven to help improve hyperpigmentation, the negative effects on the skin can sometimes outweigh the benefits.

HQ is also not suitable for long term use. Due to its inflammatory effects, many physicians limit the use of HQ to no more than 1-3 months. Once a patient has stopped using HQ to treat their skin, it can potentially cause rebound hyperpigmentation, where the hyperpigmentation becomes worse after taking a patient off HQ. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding (who often develop pregnancy related melasma) should also not use HQ.

Why You Should Choose Skinuva Brite to Treat Hyperpigmentation

Skinuva Brite was specifically designed as an alternative to hydroquinone to be safe for daily long-term use, but also to provide results that have clinically been shown to be nearly 30% better than HQ 4% in a head-to-head clinical trial that was recently published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science.* Skinuva Brite does not contain any harsh ingredients, but instead includes both natural and scientifically proven ingredients in its formulation:

  • Selective Synthetic Growth Factors: Epidermal Growth Factors and others have been shown to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and improve the inflammation that can result in hyperpigmentation
  • Tranexamic Acid: Helps minimize the appearance and recurrence of discoloration and stubborn brown patches with continued use.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Water-soluble vitamin that has been shown to help reduce the appearance of skin discoloration.
  • Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant and prevents melanin production.
  • Arbutin: Found in bearberry plants and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Skinuva Brite’s revolutionary Growth Factor technology and other ingredients are more effective at improving hyperpigmentation than HQ. Because it does not contain HQ, it can be used twice daily, morning and night, long term. 

Other advantages over HQ and other skin brightening products include its pleasant scent, easy use, safe ingredients suitable for all skin tones and types including for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and a better value for doctors, patients, and customers.

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation such as melasma, sunspots, dark spots, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), you can purchase Skinuva Brite here.