Causes of Under Eye Circles and How to Treat Them

Causes of Under Eye Circles and How to Treat Them

Dark circles under your eyes can make you look fatigued, even when that may not be the case! Attempting to cover up dark circles with cosmetics or trying to get rid of them can be difficult, especially with the skin under the eyes being so delicate. It is important to understand why you may have dark circles and how you can improve their appearance. 

There are several common causes of and treatments for under eye circles, and depending on the cause, our advanced skin brightening cream Skinuva® Brite may be helpful in improving the appearance of the hyperpigmentation.

Causes of Under Eye Circles

Prominent lower eyelid fat pockets (bulging fat pockets, eye bags)

Prominent lower lid fat pockets can result in lower eyelid bulges that often look like large dark circles. Lower lid blepharoplasty is a surgery that is recommended to remove the excess or prominent fat pockets.

Hollowing or volume loss of the lower eyelid

Dark circles can result from hollowing/volume loss in the lower eyelid area. Hollowing results in a trough which appears like a dark area due to the shadowing effect. Filling of the lid-cheek junction and the mid-face with some form of dermal filler is typically what takes place to treat this.

Underlying allergies or rosacea

Allergies can result in fluid accumulation around the eyelids, eye bags, and dark circles. Rosacea around the cheeks and mid-face area can also result in dark circles and swelling. Seeing an allergy specialist may help better control the underlying problem.

Hyperpigmentation of the skin

True hyperpigmentation can be caused by certain medications or genetic predisposition. Skinuva® Brite may be helpful in treating true hyperpigmentation thanks to its advanced formulation.

How Skinuva® Brite Can Help with Hyperpigmentation

Skinuva® Brite is a non-hydroquinone skin brightening cream recommended for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and has been shown to improve under eye hyperpigmentation. Skinuva® Brite is dermatologist tested and is a Growth Factor-based product that is safe for long-term, daily use. It has been shown to be nearly 30% more effective in improving hyperpigmentation than hydroquinone (which may be harsh on the skin and cause adverse reactions if used long term) in our most recent head-to-head clinical trial. 

In addition to Growth Factors, Skinuva® Brite uses ingredients that have been shown to work through medical literature. These ingredients include Tranexamic Acid, Vitamin C, Arbutin, and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). 

Skinuva® Brite is also a moisturizer and is very gentle for the skin, especially the delicate skin below the eyes. When applied twice daily, results may be seen in as little as 30 days, although long term use is safe and recommended. Results may vary depending on the severity of the hyperpigmentation.

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