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We heal scars better than them, and here’s why.

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Skinuva™ Scar

Skinuva™ Scar provides the most advanced topical scar cream yet to be formulated. Many years of research, clinical trials, and hard work have created our advanced scar cream. Our team of scientists and clinicians have hand selected specific growth factors and other natural ingredients that all play a vital role in the scar appearance improvement cascade.

Our clinical studies have shown that Skinuva™ Scar performs over 2 times better than silicone cream. Very few scar creams have undergone the exhaustive research that Skinuva™ Scar has undergone, and we are seeing results that are incredibly impressive.

When should the cream be used on scars?

Skinuva™ Scar works best on younger scars, ideally within a few weeks to months after surgery. Scars usually mature by one year, so the sooner the cream can be applied, the more likely you will see visible results.

What type of scars should Skinuva™ Scar be used on?

Skinuva™ Scar can help improve the appearance of various scars including surgical scars (cosmetic and non cosmetic surgery), trauma, burns, and keloids, new and old.

Directions for use

Skinuva™ Scar should be applied twice a day, the cream should be gently massaged into the scar morning and night, for a minimum of 3 months on new scars, but can be used up to 3-6 months on older scars. The application of Skinuva™ Scar can be initiated two to three weeks after your surgery as long you have healed well and consulted with your doctor. Sunscreen may be worn over Skinuva™ Scar.

Warnings: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on damaged skin or open wounds. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with plenty of water. If swallowed, immediately seek medical advice and show container or label. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Skinuva™ Scar is:

  • Patented formulation
  • Softens and flattens appearance of scars from trauma or surgery.
  • Reduces the appearance of redness and discoloration
  • Relieves itch and discomfort associated with scar drying
  • Sunscreen may be worn over


Safe to be used on all skin types • Dermatologist tested • Safe to use around eyes • Free of color additives and fragrances • Not tested on animals • Contains • synthetic growth factors and other natural ingredients • No dyes • No oils • No parabens

“Skinuva is a really amazing scar cream, it changed my scar so much more than I ever imagined. I had a tummy tuck scar that turned dark and thick and I was introduced to the product by my friend. In just a month, I began to notice that my scar became softer and lighter. It really helped improve the thickness of the scar too. I was really surprised that it worked so well, I actually never thought that a scar cream would be this good or that one this good even existed on the market!"
– Iris M.
“Skinuva Scar was surprisingly easy to use and I notice my scar fading by the first month. I was part of the study where we tried two different creams, and Skinuva was the one that worked so much better that I had to be excluded from the study by the first month. I’ve been using the cream now for 3 months, and I’m still noticing improvements. I would most certainly recommend this to my friends or family who have scars from surgery. I was very surprised how it worked, and since I was part of the study, I could really tell how it healed much faster than the other cream."
– Heidi S.
“Over seven months ago I had eye surgery. The surgery was a great success. It truly makes me look 15 years younger. The cream Dr. Zoumalan prescribed was amazing. There is no scaring or any indication that I had eye surgery. I divinely suggest using the cream."
– Patricia M.
“I feel like the scar cream loosened the scar as it was too tight. It softened my skin and made it smoother and better. My skin was hard and now it feels more natural and I can apply my make- up so much more easily. Before using the cream my skin was tough and I had to pack on make up and now the skin is much smoother. I feel more confident and would definitely recommend Skinuva Scar cream."
– Brandi S.