Skinuva Scar Publications

STUDY ARM 1: Skinuva Scar vs. silicone cream: head to head trial

Zoumalan CI, Tadayon SC, Roostaeian J, Rossi AM, Gabriel A. Safety and Efficacy of a Scar Cream Consisting of Highly Selective Growth Factors Within a Silicone Cream Matrix: A Double-Blinded, Randomized, Multicenter Study. Aesthet Surg Journal. 2019 Feb 15;39(3):319-330

Summary: Scars treated with Skinuva Scar healed & 70% better than silicone cream in 61 scars.

STUDY ARM 2: Skinuva Scar reduces the need for post surgical intralesional steroid and 5- Fluorouracil injections

Kalasho BD, Kikuchi R, Zoumalan CI. Silicone-Based Scar Cream for Post Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty-associated Cicatricial and Hypertrophic Scarring. J Drugs Dermatol. 2019 May 1;18(5):440-446.

Summary: This study shows that the use of Skinuva Scar reduced the need for additional steroid and 5-fluorouracil in post surgical scars by nearly 50%.

STUDY ARM 3: Skinuva   Scar: Gene Expression Analysis using Skin Biopsy Specimens

Kikuchi R, Khalil A, Zoumalan CI. Gene expression analysis in scars treated with silicone cream: a pilot study.  Scars, Burns, Healing, August, 2019.

Summary: We took skin punch biopsies of 3 patients, and showed that their scars treated with Skinuva Scar had gene expression which was more favorable to the best healing scar when compared to silicone cream and no treatment.

STUDY ARM 4: Skinuva Scar shown to help heal wounds post C02 laser

Kikuchi, R, Zoumalan, CI. Safety and Efficacy of a topical cream consisting of highly selective growth factors within a silicone cream matrix for post ablative C02 procedures. American Society of Lasers Medicine and Surgery Abstracts, 2019, S27-28

Summary: Skinuva Scar was well tolerated well, safe and effective in healing skin post C02 laser treatment.

STUDY ARM 5: The safety and efficacy of Skinuva Scar in treating stretch marks

Kikuchi R, Waldman AR, Wolfswinkel EM, Pletzer V, Kalasho BD, Zoumalan CI. Safety/Efficacy of New Topical Silicone Formulation with Selective Growth Factors for Treating Striae Distensae.J Cosmet Sci. 2020 Mar/Apirl;71(2):77-90.

Summary: Skinuva Scar was found to improve the appearance of stretch marks in a one month followup study when compared to no treatment.

Skinuva Brite Publications

STUDY ARM 1: Skinuva Brite shown to be safe and effective in improving hyperpigmentation

Kalasho BD, Minokadeh A, Zhang-Nunes S, Zoumalan RA, Shemirani NL, Waldman AR, Pletzer V, Zoumalan CI. Evaluating the safety and efficacy of a new topical formulation for hyperpigmentation consisting of highly selective growth factors, tranexamic acid, and other ingredients to hydroquinone 4%: a prospective, randomized, controlled split face study. J Cosmet Sci. In press.

Summary: Skinuva Brite was shown to be safe and effective in treating hyperpigmentation, and also shown to be more effective than hydroquinone 4%, and tolerated better with less side effects.