Achievements Timeline

December 2016: Completed final formulation for Skinuva™ Scar
January 2017: Initiated Study Arm 1—Safety and Efficacy of Skinuva™ Scar Cream
January 2017: Patent Pending
February 2017: Dermatologic Tested
March 2017: Trademark granted for Skinuva™
April 2017: Study Arm 1 concluded and showed incredibly positive results
May 2017: Passed compliance for various tests for establish safety and stability of Skinuva™ Scar
May 2017: Initiated Study Arm 2—Double Blinded, Randomized Multicenter Study to evaluate Skinuva™ Scar vs Silicone Cream
September 2017: Study Arm 2 ended enrollment
September 2017: Initiated Study Arm 1-Safety and Efficacy of Skinuva™ Stretch Mark Cream
November 2017: Initiated Study Arm 1-Safety and Efficacy of Skinuva™ Acne Serum
December 2017: Topical Scar Cream Review Article accepted for publication, in press
December 2017: Study Arm 2 was concluded, nearly 50 patients were enrolled
January 2018: Production of Skinuva™ Scar
January 2018: Submission of Skinuva™ Scar clinical data article
February 2018: Formal launching of Skinuva™ Scar at American Academy of Dermatology, San Diego
March, 2018: Journal Acceptance of Publication: Topical Agents for Scar Management: Are They Effective? Zoumalan CI. Journal of Drugs in Dermatology
August, 2018: Journal Publication: Safety and Efficacy of a Scar Cream Consisting of Highly Selective Growth Factors Within a Silicone Cream Matrix: A Double-Blinded, Randomized, Multicenter Study. Zoumalan CI, Tadayon SC, Roostaeian J, Rossi AM, Gabriel A. Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2018 Jul 31 November, 2019:Skinuva receives full patent for its next generation scar cream formula